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Employment Visa Stamping

  • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE (attested by concerned HRD / Home. MEA & Saudi Embassy)
  • PHOTOGRAPHS (8) (Back White Background, Size 4 / 6 cm)

Comercial Visit Visa

  • Electronic invitation letter sent by Saudi Co. through Saudi Chamber of Commerce.
  • Visa form, two white background photographs.
  • Covering Letter (Indian Co. Letter) requesting for the issuance of visa, stating nature of business and Saudi Co. address and telephone number.
  • A recommendation letter from Indian Chamber of Commerce stating nature of business of the Indian Co.
  • Mofa.
  • Documents prove business relation between the two (Saudi & Indian) companies like agreement, invoice of the consignment sent to the invite co. etc

Business Visit Visa

  • Visit slips.(visa approval no. issued by Saudi Foreign Ministry).
  • Covering Letter (Indian Co. letter).
  • Form, two white background photographs.
  • A recommendation letter from chamber of commerce
  • Mofa.
  • Degree or certificate in case of technical categories, like Engineer, Consultant, Programmer system analyst or any other technical category.

Family Visit Visa

  • Visa Slip.
  • Visa Form, two white background photographs.
  • Marriage Certificate for wife and birth certificate for children.
  • Proof of relationship in case of parents the first page of the company passport of son (sender) where the parents name is mentioned.
  • In case of father or mother in law the passport copy of the sender as well as his wife’s passport 1st and last to prove the relation.
  • Mofa.

Residence Visit Visa

  • Visa Slip.
  • Visa form to be filled up.
  • Two white background photographs.
  • Marriage Certificate (for spouse).
  • Mofa (Mandatory).
  • Birth Certificate (for children).
  • Medical Certificate (on line).
  • Recent Vaccination certificate for children below 15 years and Medical certificate above 15 years.