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Translator Service

The world information system has various languages according to the country. The linguistic gap between the nations is filled up through the means of translation. Hindi is our national language but in many countries where our countrymen travel for achieving their goals, do not understand Hindi. So the official documents written in Hindi are not understood by them. The vacancies from those countries also come in their own language. Hence, we provide translation services to ease the recruiting process for the employer as well as for our clients. By the grace of the most merciful God, we have established a unique centre of translation services to cater the need of our people in India. At this juncture, we serve our customers for every language.


  • English
  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Bangla
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telegu
  • Kannar

Our happiness lies in the satisfaction of customers and we build a bridge between our client and his destination through language according to their needs. Our translations are approved and accepted by the Embassies including the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Delhi, Saudi Consulate in Bombay etc. Through the passage of translations we cover a wide range of northern and southern India. Often we do overseas official works, which we receive directly from overseas executives. In brief,Al-win Services stands apart in the industry for its excellence in service and today it proved be an asset for the country within the short span of its services. We believe in honesty and from good to better services towards the mankind. Unlike many other overseas agencies, we keep up with time. In the era of science & technology, everyone needs trust-worthy establishments for solutions to their problems. Some of the recruitment agencies mint money from innocents in the name of overseas recruitments by prolonging the procedures with complications but we offer you a smooth and sincere service. We like to offer our best care to our clients with trust and fast services. We pledge to serve you always if you remember us at any crucial stage.